dk doing that NSO thang


dedi “deadeye knight” hubbard **
Columbus, OH

For deadeye, it all started with a Brooklyn Bombshells flyer; the Bombshells lost to the Manhattan Mayhem (2006) but derby had created another convert. The 2007 WFTDA Eastern Regional Heartland Havoc sealed the deal with a weekend of wow and the inevitable pair of quad skates. From there deadeye joined the Ohio Roller Girls, skated for The Sprockettes and wrangled stats and clipboards for WFTDA at large. Injury, schmjury.

deadeye is currently a derby geek on the take for RDIT and nerd leader of WFTDA‘s Nerd Herd.  Need a geek, just ask.

Images courtesy of deadeye, Alex Reese and Speed Bump