Welcome to Roller Derby Inside Track, a web site dedicated to bringing you  the best roller derby news, analysis and opinion on the planet.  Our goal is to give you honest analysis, fact-based news items, intriguing rumors and  opinion pieces relating primarily to the most newsworthy aspect of the sport. We also intend for it to be a place for discussion and interaction among our contributors, the athletes, and the fans of roller derby.  Our staff is made up of roller derby insiders; current and former skaters, coaches, announcers, officials, and support staff.  We view this venture as a way to give back to the roller derby community by helping to grow interest in the sport.

The majority of the RDIT staff are not only roller derby fans, but are sports fans in general. We grew up on Sports Illustrated and Sportscenter.  Our writers check www.espn.com daily online and on their smart phones.  We wanted to create a website that covered roller derby; steeped in the fact finding style of traditional sports journalism mixed with cutting edge online journalism.

Roller Derby Inside Track will cover roller derby as a sport.  This means we are going to be honest with you; we are going to tell you who we think is going to win a game and who is going to lose.  We will cover the most newsworthy and intriguing match ups. If we think it’s going to be a blow out or that a team is under performing, our analysts will not be afraid to say it.  Consequently, we may not give much lip-service to games that we think aren’t interesting. We will not be afraid to have strong opinions posted about games, rules, athletes, etc.It is very doubtful that you will always agree with everything said on this website, but we can guarantee that we will never lie to you and we hope that honesty will keep you coming back.

Our goal is to not to exist solely in the current “micro derbyverse” but to work to deliver the sport of roller derby to new fans.  Roller Derby Inside Track wants to help turn the casual fan that just follows their hometown team into a fan that follows the international scene.  We want to help create a buzz around major games and major tournaments that have fans arguing who they think are going to win.  We want to bring fans insight into what is great about the sport, and also what needs to be fixed- whether that means criticizing a bad matchup, or pumping up a great matchup.

In closing we want to reiterate that Roller Derby Inside Track is about two things, the sport of roller derby and you the fans.  We are going to be sharing our thoughts and opinions and we want to hear yours in return.  This website, just like the sport of roller derby, does not exist without you. Thank you for your support and we look forward to being your number one source of roller derby information.

Thank you,
Owners and contributors of
Roller Derby Inside Track

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