Speed Bump at the announce tableBenjamin “Speed Bump” Doyle
Location: Portland, OR
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Speed Bump has been skating with the Rose City Rollers since 2005 and is a founding member of Portland Men’s Roller Derby. His roles in the world of flat track derby include officiating, competing, coaching, announcing, and web development though his most developed skills lie in drinking and smack talking.

Speed Bump currently serves as Secretary of the Portland Men’s Roller Derby board or directors and Rose City’s web development team. He’s a freelance web and video producer by trade and sometimes that crosses paths with derby too.
It's been said that Speed Bump only owns red shirts

Speed Bump serving as coach of the Break Neck Betties

Bump enjoys skate parks, quantified rankings, and writing long winded e-mails/forum posts/blog posts.

Other Contributions:
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