The tale of Vince Hannity shows that even the fans can get in on the sport sometimes.  After watching bouts for two years, Vince made his announcer debut with the Tampa Bay Derby Darlins in February 2008.  In addition to calling for the Derby Darlins for three seasons, he regularly calls the action for the Ft. Myers Derby Girls and has called for leagues all over the southern half of America’s Wang, including the Bradentucky Bombers, the Sarasota Rollergirls, the Gold Coast Derby Grrls (formerly known as the Broward County Derby Grrls), and even the Jacksonville Rollergirls.  For years, Vince has been a co-holder of the Florida Roller Derby Tag Team Announcing Championship of the World; when you’ve called over 110 bouts in just under three seasons, people learn to respect The Belt.  (His co-holder(s) is/are whoever he’s calling with during any given bout.)  Having called so many bouts, Vince is glad to give his voice a brief rest and is excited to be contributing to Roller Derby Inside Track along with the rest of the staff.

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