Mike Chexx is first and foremost, a fan of roller derby – women’s derby, junior derby, men’s derby, home teams, travel teams, pick-up teams, whatever.  Through being a fan, Mike ended up applying for the job of, and is now, one of the announcers for the Rose City Rollers.  Since becoming an announcer, Mike has called bouts at Wild West Showdown, ECE, Hometown Throw Down, and the WFTDA West Regional Tournament.  In addition to the Rose City Rollers, Mike has had the opportunity to call a bout on behalf of the Rocky Mountain Roller Girls, Windy City Rollers, Cherry City Derby Girls, and the Rainy City Roller Dolls.

As can be expected from an announcer, Mike is never short on opinions – especially when it comes to derby, and its yet unrealized potential.  Though his viewpoints may come across as critical, they are in an attempt to start a conversation, and bring awareness of situations that may negatively affect the sport we love.

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