Lately, WFTDA seems to (wisely) be tightening their grip on control of their assets, as evidenced by their shift to a proposal-based method of selecting partners to broadcast tournament games, among other things. Word on the inside track is also that they are redoubling efforts to create more fan-friendly and interactive content on their website.  All this suggests that perhaps the WFTDA is increasingly recognizing and embracing the notion that fans comprise an important aspect of promoting and fostering the sport (which is a sentiment we fully endorse.)

As part of these efforts, WFTDA just unveiled a bracket-picking contest for this years Big 5 tournament, complete with prizes, including a grand prize of tickets to the 2012 WFTDA Championship tournament!

the Grand Prize for WFTDA’s 2011 Big 5 bracket contest is tickets to the 2012 Championship tournament

As your trusted source of regular picks on the top roller derby games that happen each week, we couldn’t be more happy to see this. Feel free to rely on our opinions in making your bracket choices (well, at least Quad Almighty and Strawberry Jam’s expert opinions.) Check out complete info and contest rules on the WFTDA website.



Image courtesy of WFTDA