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Shout Ats!

These hit me via the contact form so I might as well throw ‘em back to you all.

are there bouts i can come and support and introduce my husband to the sport? we live in SoBe.
— amy
(rec’d Mar 5, 2011)

I’m not sure what SoBe is- South Beach in Florida?

Regardless, there’s roller derby all over the world- you just need to locate your local league! A tool that might help is http://www.derbyearth.com/ where you can see a map of all leagues. Lots of derby leagues in Florida!

Oh wise readers- can you tell Amy where to find derby (and me where to find SoBe… besides 7-11)?

the the track was really wet and the officials deemed it too dangerous to skate on after about 20 minutes of slipping and sliding in the first bout. Since derby girls have no quit in ‘em, they decided to give the fans something to talk about and play a couple games of Sock Derby, or as it will henceforth be called….”Sorby”.
Image courtesy of Speed Bump