Plenty of closely contested derby to keep you intrigued this week.  Cincinnati is taking the Pacific North West by storm.  While 3 of 4 of us chose Rat City for tonight’s match up, I think it will be close.  Naptown heads down to Nashville Saturday to shake the rust off after not playing for 3 months.  None of think it will stop them.  North Central #1 hosts South Central #1 in what is sure to be a close bout.  Throw in a couple more regional match ups and some MRDA play and you have yourself an action packed derby weekend to enjoy.


Match Up
Caesar Tank Quad Almighty Strawberry Jam Vince Hannity
Friday September 9
NC5 Cincinnati @ W6 Rat City
Rat City No Pick Cincinnati Rat City Rat City
Saturday September 10
NC4 Naptown @ SC3 Nashville
Naptown Naptown Naptown Naptown Naptown
SC1 Kansas City @ NC1 Windy City
Kansas City Windy City Kansas City Windy City Kansas City
NC7 Brew City @ NC9 Chicago Outfit
Outfit Outfit  Brew City Outfit Outfit
SC8 Green Country @ SC22 Assassination City
Phoenix Rattlesnakes @ #6 Dallas Deception
Sunday September 11
NC5 Cincinnati @ W1 Oly Rollers
Oly Oly Cincinnati Oly Oly
#11 Mass maelstrom @ #8 Harm City Homicide
Running Totals
Last Week
1-0 (1.0) 1-0 (1.0) 1-0 (1.0) 1-0 (1.0) 0-1 (0.0)
209-60 (.78) 199-52 (.79) 184-37 (.83) 222-43 (.84) 200-62 (.76)

With only one bout last week there was very little movement, but I did jump back into a slight lead, while Vince, going rogue, dropped down .01.

Images courtesy of Strawberry Jam, and Caesar