It’s certainly a lighter weekend but it still doesn’t lack good derby.  The Cincy/Steel rematch is certainly not to be missed.  Add to that some men’s derby, a trip east for Madison and a weekend in Tennessee for Carolina and you have plenty to look forward to.


Match Up
Caesar Tank Quad Almighty Strawberry Jam Vince Hannity
Saturday August 20
NC5 Cincinnati @ E4 Steel City
Steel City Steel City Cincinnati Steel City Steel City
NC6 Madison @ E3 Charm City
Charm City Charm City Charm City Charm City Charm City
Quad Fathers @ #9 Connecticut Death Quads
NC21 Demolition City @ NC10 Ohio
Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio
Sunday August 21
Your Mom @ Korn Stalkers
E7 Carolina vs NC6 Madison (@ Charm City) Carolina Carolina Carolina
Running Totals
Last Week
15-7 (.68) 17-5 (.77) 17-5 (.77) 15-7 (.68) 16-6 (.73)
199-58 (.77) 188-51 (.79) 174-35 (.83) 211-42 (.83) 191-59 (.76)

Last week was a big week for movement in our numbers.  Everyone took a .01 drop other than Tank and SJ who took a .02 drop.  This makes SJ and Quad neck and neck.

Images courtesy of Strawberry Jam and