Weekend Picks 7/1/11

Most people are taking the weekend off, what with ECDX behind us and it being a holiday weekend for Canada and United States. So, enjoy our MRDA pick….and, for fun, a few of us picked who would win the annual Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest.

Match Up
Caesar Tank Quad Almighty Strawberry Jam Vince Hannity
Saturday July 2nd
Your Mom @ Puget Sound
No Pick
Monday July 4th
Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest
No Pick Pat Bertoletti (Ohio)
No Pick Sean Gordon (Nevada)
No Pick
Running Totals
Last Week
23 – 4 (.85) 21 – 6 (.78) 22 – 5 (.82) 22 – 5 (.82) 21 – 6 (.82)
162 – 41 (.80) 144 – 40 (.78) 129 – 25 (.84) 168 – 30 (.85) 150 – 45 (.77)

Last week was a very busy week with ECDX and Caesar came out in the lead.  Also of note, Caesar has now picked over 200 derby bouts!

Images courtesy of Strawberry Jam and

About Strawberry Jam

Strawberry Jam is just another gal who started a league...The Naptown Roller Girls. She's been with them in some capacity since day 1 in early 2006. After three surgeries on one leg and because her job takes her all over the country, her skates are currently hanging up. With a vast love of all things derby and with the history knowledge to back up her worldly opinions, er, wishes for the sport, she's thrilled to be part of the RDIT team. Find her on facebook and twitter.