The WFTDA has taken their official Referee Clinic program to a new level this year with 12 clinics across 3 continents, 9 leagues and 1 international skating association. Even with the expanded program this year and a few clinics already in the bag, there are a lot of questions potential participants may have about clinics and if they are right for them. So when the WFTDA approached Roller Derby Inside Track to set the record straight we wrangled up those questions and conducted an interview with Sarah “Killbox” Hipel. Hipel has just started her new gig as the WFTDA Referee Training and Certification Coordinator and has been an active proponent of Referee Education from jump.

Photo courtesy of Zeev.

Sarah Hipel jams for Texas at Uproar on The Lakeshore.

So if you were wondering why you should go to Ref Camp for a weekend or why as a league you should send your NSOs at $100 a pop, here are the answers straight from the source.

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Images courtesy of Preflash Gordon and Zeev